Monday, August 29, 2011

Horse Racing Systems Explained

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As a horse racing handicapper and fan for over the past forty years I think I have read all there is to read about horse racing.  Years ago a trip to the track with my buddies was more about the "art" of handicapping rather than the "science".  Horse racing information was simply not that easy to come by.  Information about workouts, past performances, and trainer trends were not as readily available as they are today.  We believed we had a competitive edge simply because we took better notes and kept better records than everyone else at the race track.  That edge does not exist today as the racing form, available to anyone, is full of the same valuable horse racing information that used to take us hours to collect and analyse.

Over the past 20 years playing the horses has gone from an afternoon trip to the local race track (no simulcast), to betting any race track in the world in the comfort of your home in front of your PC.  My Saturday afternoon trips to Suffolk Downs included cost for parking, admission, program, racing form, hot dogs and beer.  I had to hit the "double" just to break even.  Today I can bet any track for free.  Most online services provide handicapping tools free, there is no charge to play, and no parking.  I still like the hot dogs and beer but they are cheaper at home than at the track.

Because everyone is using the same information, the favorite become a more obvious choice, thus it becomes over bet.  Favorites have been hitting at the same 33% win rate forever but the average return on a $2.00 bet has dropped significantly over the past 20 years according to research published by the RPG Research.

These changes have led me to the conclusion that with good money management and by demanding value from your selection you can make money betting race horses every day.  This blog will record and track a methods I have developed to achieve that goal.

Wunderdog Horse Racing Picks

Because systems are designed for frequent daily play I wanted this system to be easy.  The easiest way I know is to have someone else do the work for me.  I found such a person when I stumbled upon Wunderdog Sports Picks.

I have been a subscriber to Wunderdog for well over a year.  Wunderdog's services go beyond horse racing.  Their services include picks for football, hockey, basketball, baseball, and  horse racing.  Since horse racing is my game, I only have experience with Wunderdog horse racing selections. My experience with Wunderdog horse racing picks has been very good.

The Wunderdog site is full of interesting sports betting, and money management articles.  If you do nothing else visit the site for its information.  Wunderdog does two things that forced me to incorporate them into my system.

  1. They have a Free Subscription service.  Registration is easy.  You give them your email address and your done.  Every day, Wednesday through Sunday, at about noon Wunderdog will send you an email with selections for 2 races at an east coast and a west coast track.  (usually from the NY and Southern California circuits)  
  2. They publish their paid service one day later for free.  The Wunderdog site has a historical archive of all their past horse racing picks that dates back to 2005.  You have to like an organization that stands behind their horse racing picks like that.  I believe that one of the most important things you can do as a horse player is measure your results.  This feature allows for back testing and measurement.
To subscribe to Wunderdog or to just check their site out just Click Here.

Twinspires Online Wagering Account

In order to bet every day as this system requires you are have an online betting account.  This saves the trips to the race track, admission, hot dog, and beer.  having an online horse racing betting account allows you to make your bets mid day and check the results at night.  If you have time you can watch your races live on your PC.  If you do not have an online horse racing account I recommend Twinspires.

I have had a Twinspires account for over 5 years.  They are dependable, easy to make deposits, always get my checks on time, and have great free handicapping tools.  To visit the Twinspires site Click Here.  Best of all Twinspires is free.  You can watch as much live horse racing as you want and never make a wager.  Some handicapping tools are free,  some are free when you bet, and some are paid subscriptions.

Twinspires also offers a $100 sign up bonus to new horse players.

If your interested in a free system using Twinspires Profitline numbers then click on this link.

Wunderdog Free Horse Racing Subscription Value Play System

This system utilizes the Wunderdog free horse racing subscription so it is only playable Wednesday's through Sundays.  We are only playing a maximum of 2 races each day.  The system does not produce a lot of plays but be patient.  It is a longshot system and you will be very happy with the payoffs.  Click here to see a detailed day to day analysis of my system dating back to August 2011.

The system rules and results are detailed on page 3.  Click here to go to page 3. 

Be sure to check the Results page to see the daily progress the horse racing system.


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